Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ex in the dumpster

Last night I dreamt my husband and I were in his car looking for a place to park.  We were in a questionable part of town, so we wanted to find someplace inconspicuous.  We finally found a spot between the building we were going to and a garbage dumpster.  We pulled the car in, parked, and got out.  Somehow, I was above the dumpster and when I looked down into it, I saw a body.  Just as I was getting ready to call my husband over, the body moved.  Garbage fell away from the body and I saw that it was my ex-husband, drunk and passed out in the trash.  I screamed a little, as flashes of my time with him went through my head.  I turned to my husband and said, "We have to move this car.  We can't park here.  Anywhere but here.  I don't care how far we have to walk."  We left my ex-husband where he lay, got back in the car and drove to find another place to park further away from the building.

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