Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ex in the dumpster

Last night I dreamt my husband and I were in his car looking for a place to park.  We were in a questionable part of town, so we wanted to find someplace inconspicuous.  We finally found a spot between the building we were going to and a garbage dumpster.  We pulled the car in, parked, and got out.  Somehow, I was above the dumpster and when I looked down into it, I saw a body.  Just as I was getting ready to call my husband over, the body moved.  Garbage fell away from the body and I saw that it was my ex-husband, drunk and passed out in the trash.  I screamed a little, as flashes of my time with him went through my head.  I turned to my husband and said, "We have to move this car.  We can't park here.  Anywhere but here.  I don't care how far we have to walk."  We left my ex-husband where he lay, got back in the car and drove to find another place to park further away from the building.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

UTI, Cranberry juice, Beach and Snakes

Last night I dreamt I was in a classroom/office space.  I got up from my desk area and went off to find some coffee.  As I walked across the space, thinking to myself "oh, a dream!  I need to pay attention," I walked past a local actress friend just as she was talking about feeling like she was peeing sand.  I told her it sounded like she had a UTI and that she needed to drink lots of cranberry juice immediately.  She responded with a "no, no, that's not it," but I knew it was, so I bought her a large bottle of cranberry juice and left it on her desk.

As I returned to my desk, a group of us (some of my band mixed with other musicians I've recently met) decided to go for a walk outside by the Great Salt Lake.  After walking a while through the sand, I sat down on some steps on the boardwalk and gazed out across the lake, watching the sun glitter on the waves.  I started to say, "If you stare at it hard enough and allow your imagination to take over, you can almost pretend this is the ocean" but somebody else interrupted me with a loud, "It's a snake!"  I looked where this person was pointing and saw a snake curled around the railing right above my head.  I jumped and screamed.  Looking around, I noticed the entire beach and boardwalk area around me was squirming with snakes of all sizes.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Last night I dreamt I was a victim of a Holocaust extermination.  The dream was shades of gray - gray building surrounded by gray trees, gray skies overcast with gray clouds, gray clothing, gray everything. 
I was in a crowd of women prisoners of all ages, from little girls to old women, at the end of the line with my husband.  There were only between 3 and 6 guards, but at least 100 women.  The women were sad and scared, but resigned to the situation.  There was only 1 small square building that was only 1 room.  I looked around at it all and kept thinking that the women greatly outnumbered the guards, yet they wouldn't move to overtake them.  I knew - they knew - we would all die by doing nothing, still nobody would try to fight back.  The guards started taking the women into the building in small groups.  The women never came back out.  After several minutes, the guards would come back and take another group of women into the building.  And so it continued.  At one point, I noticed one the guards had a tormented look on his face, like he knew what he was doing was wrong.  I started screaming at him, "How can you just stand there and do nothing?  Help us!  You are murdering us all for no reason by doing nothing to help."  He said nothing, but I could see in his eyes that he was just following orders and felt that he had no other choice.  I screamed at him again, as the guards continued to take groups of women into this building to never return, "Do something!  Help us!  Or you will be damned forever for needlessly and senselessly murdering innocent people! By doing nothing to stop this, to help us, you are just as guilty as the rest!"  A single tear slid down his face, yet he still stood silent and did nothing.
Finally, my husband and I were all that was left.  All the women were gone.  We were taken into the building and left there to clean up the mess before they were to kill us next.  Inside, this one-roomed building was a bathroom.  The walls, floors and toilet were covered with excrement, urine, and menstrual blood.  There were sanitary napkins in scattered piles all around.  We cleaned.  As we cleaned, we knew how they were killing these women.  The guards would strip them naked, strap them on the toilet, then inject them with a fatal poison that would take several excruciating minutes to end their lives as they convulsed and their bodies voided before they died. 
Here the dream would flash between the cleaning scene and seeing the piles of naked bodies lined up, frozen in tortured death, behind the building.
I woke as I saw myself being strapped naked to the toilet, my husband - already dying - holding my hand.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bacon party and solarium on the roof

Last night I dreamt that my band had an early afternoon show I was getting ready for, but I had to drive downtown to a barbecue party at the home of some vegetarian friends beforehand.  When I arrived there, I discovered that the party was pig themed and I had to draw a picture of pig to participate.  The other guests were all well-respected artists so their drawings were life-like and beautiful.  Mine was a stick figure sketch that only sort of resembled a pig. 
The food and decor were shocking to me.  It was all bacon!  Bacon plates, bacon centerpieces, bacon everywhere!  And the only food was bacon, pork roasts and giant beef steaks.  Not a vegetable in sight.  I asked my vegetarian friend why all the meat if they don't eat it.  She answered that just because they serve it doesn't mean they'll be eating any of it.
I remembered that I really needed to shower before the show, so I made my excuses and went home to get ready.
When I got home, my house was a mansion.  I found myself in the solarium on the roof of the house. 
As I walked through the solarium, it housed a stadium.  My mother, her mother, and her best friend were sitting in the top of the stadium seats watching a groundskeeper mow the baseball field below them.  I stood beside them as they talked and talked.  My mind was still focused on my needing a shower before the show.
Somehow, I knew it was time for me to be waking up but I had to recite a certain list in a certain order to do so.  The list was numbered 1 through 10.  I can't remember what was on the list, but I systematically recited each number and item or phrase that accompanied it, with my mother and grandmother talking to me all the while.  When I reached the 10th item, I woke up.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hell's Half Acre

Last night I dreamt that my car stopped while driving along an old highway.  I knew there was a gas station not too far away so I got out and started walking.  I found myself way off the road and walking through the desert lava plain of Hell's Half Acre in Idaho.  I couldn't see the road and was all alone.  I remembered seeing some friends of mine back at the rest stop on the highway, so I started calling loudly for them as I walked, hoping they'd find me.

Finally, I was in the gas station.  At the counter, I purchased a pack of Camel cigarettes and a bottle of beer, then spent some time talking with a tall young man about my adventure.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

John Cleese obituary

Last night I dreamt my son came to me saying that John Cleese had died.  I was sure it was another Facebook or Twitter hoax, so I asked him where he heard that as I sat at the computer to do a quick search of the facts.  I logged onto the news provider and immediately saw a Breaking News bulletin flashing across the top of the page that read, "John Cleese, 88, British comedian and actor, died in a hiking accident when a car drove off the cliff above him and landed on him, killing him immediately."

It was, to say the least, a very disturbing dream.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giant egg and exploding mountain fire

Last night I dreamt I was eating breakfast with a group of people in a small mountain town cafe.  I was eating a HUGE fried egg - the one egg covered the whole plate - toast, bacon, and coffee.

Then we were outside on the boardwalk, visiting, when I noticed black smoke from a fire coming up over the mountains on one side. I commented on it and we watched it and talked about what it might be, when I noticed the mountains on the other side.  They were much larger and rockier and closer.  Nobody else was noticing them because we were all still talking about the fire on the other mountains.

Suddenly, there was a huge rent in the side/top of the mountain.  A fiery explosion - but not volcanic at all - that shot flame and sparks miles high into the air.  It blew a huge fiery whole into the side of the mountain and there were lots of flames and sparks coming out of it.  I tried to get the people I was with to notice, but they were still talking about the smoke from the fire on the other mountain.